Term and conditions

Article1: General Provisions
  • This agreement is related to using online market research and other research services (Referred to as "Services") which W&S Holdings Joint Stock Company provides (Referred to as "Company"). This determines an agreement in terms of the rights and obligations between HaiSurvey's members registered under provisions of Article 2 (Referred to as"Members") and the Company.
  • This service, as the research site, we aim to do research for our members or a member of our site, or is operated by a separate company approved (or less more. Referred to as"Site") in which it is assumed to be made by the panel Vinaresearch provide a site, registration approved by the company's own determination of the "Member Rule", or Nusaresearch panel agreed to participate in our surveys.
  • If the Company consider that it is appropriate, require that the establishment, alteration or change, it will notify Members that is supposed to be a part of this agreement, the members, for that you accept this, you do this.
  • We assume that it can be changed the provisions of the following paragraph and the previous provisions without the consent of Members
Article 2: Qualification of members
  • Accept the agreement to complete membership procedure prescribed by the Company that will be valid at the time the ID and password is subjected to start using these terms.
  • If identifying that you are inappropriate regarding of the provisions for member regulated by Company the Company has rights for cancelling membership of the member even after issued password ID
Article 3: ID & Password Management
  • If Members want to use the Site, they have to own one UserID and Password that are legal regulated in Membership procedure.
  • Members have to responsible for the using of their ID & Password
  • Members have to commit that UserID and Password are not permitted to transfer / share with other people or use for commercial purposes.
  • The Company will not be responsible for any damages from using the ID and password of the preceding article prescribed by a third party or member, arising in relation to management, etc., regardless of the presence or absence of willful negligence the use and management, etc.,
Article 4: Members registration information
  • If Members are reported any mistakes or cheating on all the parts of registration information to declare at the time of registration (or less,. Referred to as the "Member information"), all registration information will be invalid or cannot be accepted.
  • Members who want to update registration information have to inform the Company to perform the update procedure within the period set forth by our company separately.
Article 5: Managing Members' information
  • Regarding the management of Member information, the Company strictly applies its system of privacy information protection to prevent Member information from being disclosured, stolen or used by other people.
  • For protecting personal information, the Company also manage based on registration policy and commits not to disclosure this information for third party excepting the following cases:
    • In case of obeying prescribed laws.
    • In case of protecting property or life
    • In case of life development for children, community health
    • In case of majeure cases when being asked to give information following requirements of authorized organs.
Article 6: Prohibited Acts

Members are not allowed to do any of the following acts:

  • Violations of public disorder and morality
  • Violations of the Law and this contract
  • Violations of copyrights / intellectual property / rights which belong to Members / Third party / The Company.
  • Slander the Company, Third party or other Members
  • Illegal use of UserID and Password
  • Acts can damage purposes and benefits of other members
  • Acts of sending programs which are harmful to computers
  • Acts of revealing information when using websites
  • Acts of creating damages to our services
  • Acts of illegal registration
  • Violations of service content
  • Other usage in addition to internet survey purpose
  • Any other acts that are inappropriate for the Company
Article 7: Changing registration information
If there is any change made by Members, the Company will announce valid time for that change.
Article 8: Removing Member information

If the registration information falls under any of the following issues, Members will be removed their membership rights regardless of the presence or absence of consent of the Members.

  • If Members want to stop using the Site's services.
  • If the Company determines not to be necessary for using services
Article 9 Withdrawal
If Members want to leave or quit their membership, they have to complete necessary procedure. Then, all information will be removed from our system
Article 10: Membership cancellation
  • If Members have any of the following acts, the Company has rights for cancelling their membership:
    • Use UserID and Password illegal
    • Obstruct payment process which makes it late
    • Breach of contract
    • Illegal acts when using services
  • After membership cancellation, there are no rights and benefits when using the Site.
Article 11: Copyright
  • Intellectual property rights such as copyright (. Referred to as the "System, etc.", in conjunction) system we offer in this service, software, applications, modules, etc., are the property of the Company. . And it is not permitted to transfer the processing without the permission of our system, such as modify, edit, copy, reproduction, sale to third parties, transfer, rent, and occupancy.
  • Members are not allowed to change technical matters, edit, or destroy the System in any case.
Article 12 Notification
  • The Company will send various notifications by email to clarify agreement and usage of the Site
  • If there is any incorrect information in Members' registration or your email is stolen, the Company will be not responsible for that emails can be lost or late.
Article 13 Disclaimer
  • The Company is not responsible for any damages caused by the content of survey that you are participating in
  • The Company only provides services for Members and not responsible for conducting survey or collecting data.
  • If using services of Members creates damages to third party and is sued, those Members and the Third party have to be liable for their litigation. The Company have no duty or responsibility to be a part of this matter.
Article 14: Stopping or changing content of service
  • In order to maintain good service, the Company can stop completely or partly, or change the content of service without notifying Members to guarantee for quality of services in the following cases:
    • Necessary to change a new system or maintain the current system
    • In case of fire or power failure
    • If there is problem with internet connection
    • Being stopped by authorized organs or the court
    • For some majeure reasons, the Company have to close down its services
  • Any damages caused by the above cases are not considered as the Company's responsibilty
Article 15 Governing Law
This Agreement is governed by Japanese law.
Article 16 Exclusive court jurisdiction
The event of any dispute in relation to this Agreement between the Company and members, I will assume the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of first instance the court having jurisdiction over the head office of the Company.


May 1, 2013: Enacted (Supplementary Provisions)