Privacy Policy

W&S Holdings Joint Stock Company ( Referred to as the "Company"), recognize the importance of personal information, we will implement the following initiatives.

1.Acquisition of personal information, provide and use
information, except in special circumstances, in other cases based on the law, with the consent of our customers.
2.Compliance with laws and regulations, internal regulations, etc.
The Company will comply with norms of guidelines and other laws and regulations on the protection of personal information which the country set.
3.Continuous improvement and development of the personal information protection management system
We regularly order to recognize the importance of protecting personal information to employees and all officers, is kept up to date and accurate personal information, to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage we will take measures automatically. In addition, the appropriate policy review in sections as well as to comply with the norms applicable laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal information, guidelines, and other will continue to improve.
4.Handling of personal information related to the site
Recognizing the importance of personal information in this site (HaiSurvey), we will strive to protect your personal information as follows. In addition, we suppose this site is its scope. Because we are not responsible for the privacy policy in other sites which are stretched a link from this site, please check the each site.
5.Respect for the rights of the individual
We respect the rights of the individual personal information, disclosure of personal information, corrections to the request such as delete, but only if it can then continue to check in our company that it is your identity, a reasonable period of time, we will accordingly within.

Date of issued 29th October 2008
Revision date 6st June 2013
W&S Holdings Joint Stock Company
CEO Mr. Fujii Yoshio

Handling of Personal Information

In accordance with the terms and conditions of the following, I will handle it properly to manage . It is the responsibility of your personal information to get the W&S Company Limited in this screen.

Please contact the following office if you have any complaints, consultation and any questions.

W&S Holdings Joint Stock Company The Inquiry on the handling of personal information

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When sandwiched between the Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, and depending on the contents of any questions, please note it may take several days before your response.