Price 1 Question × 1 Sample × IR(Incidence rate)
※Please could you check below the price table.
Direct HaiSurvey price is calculate to 【Question number】×【Sample size】×【IR
You don't need initial cost and Monthly cost.
IR 61~100% 31~60% 21~30% 11~20%
Price (Exclude VAT) 13.6 yen 15.6 yen 17.5 yen 19.4 yen

Case study 1

Survey purpose
: Enforce the awareness of research TVCF
Number of questions
: 20 questions
Sample size
: 500 samples
Incidence rate
: 30% (Female from Jakarta, A, B class only)
: 20 questions×500 Samples ×17.5 Yen ×8%

Total Price:175,000 Yen (VAT excluded)

Case study 2

Survey purpose
: Competitor investigation of soft drinks.
Number of questions
: 30 questions
Sample size
: 400 samples
Incidence rate
: 60% (Female from Hochiminh, drink user)
: 30 questions×400 Samples ×15.6 Yen ×8%

Total Price:187,200 Yen (VAT excluded)

Note for user
  • 1.There is case affected situation for data collecting, such as natural disasters occurrence, collecting less than the number of samples of your choice. In that case, paid fee will be refund or redeposit to the customer.
  • 2.There is a case data collecting result get more number of samples than you have plan for sample allocation, but please be assured fee does not occur as a screening sample is excluded.
  • 3.If the question over 30 or more answer option in the matrix question, there is a case that a rate fluctuates is calculated as advance question type.
The item is not included in the price
  • The translation fee
  • Creating a questionnaire
  • Creating a questionnaire screen
  • The translation of response data, such as FA
  • The translation of aggregate data
  • Data cleaning
Attributes that can be specified target
  • gender
  • career
  • marrital status
  • children status
  • Resident status
  • Household monthly income
  • Personal monthly income
  • Occupation
Type of download data aggregation result
  • Aggregation Excel (for CSV, Excel, SPSS data)
  • GT (simple spreadsheet)
  • Chart table
  • Cross-tabulation table