HaiSurvey Function Introduction

You can take full advantage
of rich functionality research system.

Question type of PC

Question type of Smartphone

Start survey
Start page
Radio button
Single answer
Multiple answers
Single answer
Rating scales
5.10 scale
Matrix type
Single answer
Matrix type
Multiple answer
Open-ended question
Open Ended
Long text
Open Ended Multiple
Ranking answer
Numeric input
Ranking format
Multiple text answers
Percent Answer
Numeric input
Date entry
Pull down
Image format
Single answer
Image format
Multiple answers
Matrix image format
Single answer
Matrix image format
Multiple answer
Matrix Single
and Multiple choices
Ranking format
Multiple image answers

Advanced Control Settings

Branch function by response's condition setting
Specific questions can be assigned to particular respondents by setting condition in answer choices. By displaying the right questions to the right respondents, target groups can be summarized accurately, in total or by quotas. Besides, this function helps to reduce the load on respondents and eliminate conflict answers.

Response control settings

Mandatory response setting
Mandatory function requests respondents to answer specific questions. In case respondents pass the questions without marking any options, Error message will be displayed and respondents need to provide certain answer to move forward.
Maximum options choice setting
This setting enables client to set maximum number of choices in answer for MA question.
Essential viewing setting
When questions need respondents to watch the URLs or Videos first before giving answers, essential viewing function can be set.
Piping setting
Piping setting helps eliminate extra options and only display options which are previously selected in the following question. Typically, a set of choices can be narrowed down in MA type of question.
Reverse piping setting
In this type of piping, only not-selected options in the previous question will be shown in next allocated question.
Exclusive conflict checking
In MA question type, options may be set in conflict with each other. If respondents choose conflict options at the same time, Error message will be displayed to ask them correct the answers.
Simultaneous selection disable setting
In Matrix MA question type, the inconsistency in answer can be prevented by disabling simultaneous selection. For example, respondents who choose [2. Option B] in both statement 1 and statement 2 will receive Error message informing inconsistent choices.
Randomized Options setting
For MA and Matrix MA question type, options can be set randomly displayed.
Response Content checking
In Ranking question type, Error message will be displayed in case the percentage input is not appropriate.
Easily-to-view matrix highlighting
Tracking progress of response by progress bar
Free logo replacements
Customized background colour
Free research information page
Free research ending page (specified URL)
Layout data
Raw data (","Style)
Raw data (SPSS Style)
General Tabulation (GT)
Graph report
Cross Tabulation
Question content copy protection
The protection of content copy from questionnaire is also possible.
SSL Encryption
SSL Encryption can be used to protect survey responses of customers.
Back Button control
In order to allow or prevent respondents from changing content of response, Back Button can be set-up accordingly.
Right-click disabled
This setting helps to disable the function of right-click property.