Feature of HaiSurvey

Freely do your own online research with Southeast Asia consumers.

We provide the ultimate online research systems for your own questionnaire creating and survey monitoring in Vietnam and Indonesia. Simply manage the process by yourself: Access "Creating a questionnaire" screen, Specify targets conditions, Allocate samples, Collect total results (counted by our real-time automactic function).

Feature 1Exclusive Price

No initial cost (such as monthly fee)
Fee calculated by number of questions, number of samples and Incidence rate.

Example: 20 questions 500 samples
136,000yen!! (VAT excluded)
Incidence rate over 70%

Strictly monitoring the incentive-based survey
We offer high incentive to increase the engagement rate of online respondents. Thereby, we could guarantee the quality of responses

Feature 2Feasible samples number to be known in advance

Haisurvey users could check the feasibility of samples based on 8 main attributes of panelists
(1.gender、2.age、3.Marital status、4.Children status、5.Resident status、6.Monthly family income、7.Monthly personal income、8.Occupation)

Feature 4Multiple top-class question types

Various question types are available together with: answer control, progress control, screen settings, detailed media insertion function
Detail functions

  • Radio button(Single answer)
  • Checkbox(Multiple answers)
  • Pulldown(Single answer)
  • Rating scales(5.10 scale)
  • Image format (Single answer×Free text)
  • Image format (Multiple answers×Free text)
  • Date entry
  • Matrix type(Single answer)
  • Matrix type(Multiple answers)
  • Matrix image format (Single answer)
  • Matrix image format (Multiple answer)
  • Matrix Single and Multiple choices?
  • Open-Ended question (Text)
  • Open Ended Multiple?(Long text)
  • Open Ended Multiple(Multi-lines)
  • Percent Answer
  • Ranking answer(Numeric input)
  • Ranking format (Multiple text answers)
  • Ranking format (Multiple image answers)

Feature 5Available colourful data output

Download the summary results (real-time automatic counting function)

Feature 6Transparent published panel information

Pur panel Total:----- samples Mar,2014







esomar Quality control of Indonesia and Vietnam panels We are in compliance with the guidelines of ESOMAR and quality standards of our own.

Feature 7Authenticity of survey dedicated panel

Flow of panel registration at W&S Group

  • step1 W&S recruitment (Internet・Off-line)

  • step2 Panelists registration

  • step3 Panelists register 25 attribute information

  • step4 Panelists join survey

We use SNS to recruit panelists for long term, not for of each project.
We extract information from answers of dedicated panel by each subject. Recruitment is done through SNS, not through purchasing membership information.
We surely confirm registration information by phone to suspected panelists
Panel registration is visually checked by our monitoring staff. Suspected panelists are confirmed over phoning. Panelists are able to update registration information once every six months, regardless their previous modification times.
Japanese strategy: Quality-check surveys are carried out regularly to maintain panel quality
We counduct more than 20 voluntary surveys per month in order to detect frauds, cheatings and remove those from our panel.

Feature 8Respondents from other online panel agencies are not included in HaiSurvey system.

HaiSurvey panellists are original asset of W&S Group, not collected from other panel agencies. This is to follow a quality control scheme internally designed by our company group,
We are proud to provide an exclusive in-house survey panel to support our clients. We have received favorable responses from clients around the world about their usage of our panels for Research projects.